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Skin Suite Australia

Emma Haworth and Anthea Hawkins are the directors of Skin Suite Australia.

Anthea and Emma are proponents of natural beauty that starts from within. A combined 40-years of experience in the beauty industry, the duo have built a successful business with an emphasis on educating their clients about the importance of a high quality, chemical free skin-care.

The lovers of all things skin believe that society as a whole has shifted towards focussing more on products that are safe and that there is a desire to understand and know what ingredients are in the products people are using.

“If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that our health matters. We are finding that not only do people want to know what they put on their skin is safe, they want to know what’s in it, how it works and why they should incorporate it into their routines,” says Anthea.

Emma is a believer in a skin product that is not only backed by advanced science but taps into the future of the industry.

“Skin Suite represents not only what is on trend now, but what’s coming up ahead in the global beauty pipeline of innovation. We bring to the Australian market products with potent ingredients that are tailored for our clients needs - before they even know they need it!”

Emma Haworth and Anthea Hawkins

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